When a security issue is so great it forces Microsoft to support Windows XP again

You read that right, thanks to the incredible threat of ransomware for critical computer systems, Microsoft briefly reinstated support for Windows XP

Now before those holding out get the idea of staying with XP forever (until a jump to Linux is possible), XP is still far more vulnerable to malware and viruses than Win7 and above. Still, it’s pretty extraordinary that Microsoft felt they had to do something like that (and shows just how dangerous the internet has become if you don’t keep things updated).

Flash in the pan, or has glorious vindication come for the minority still on that version?

M$? I doubt no more, work done lousy. Market, stale.

Actually, Microsoft never actually “gave up support for” XP, and they probably never will. Thousands of medical devices around the world still use this operating system … because it still works. Microsoft does support those users, and those uses. And, basically, they always will.

I work at Texas Instruments they still use Windows XP in their probing equipment lol

XP was best windows ever