When baking a Normal Map the Normal keeps coming up blank

I’m trying to bake a normal map for recessed text but all I get is a blank normal map.

I was using the technique in this tutorial:

I used this technique earlier on a pattern I made and it worked well. Not sure what’s going wrong here.

If your text is extruded straight down into the plane there won’t be any detail on the normal map. Need to give it a bit of a bevel or some other “lip”.

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Thanks that did it!

So can you not make 90 degree angles to the plane in a normal? Most of the other things I’ve used normals for were more organic stuff. I guess that’s why I never ran into this before.

No, every texel in your texture would be holding data for the face/point it ‘sees’(in the sense of UV projection) and the normal there is pointing right at it thus giving that flat blue color as a result.