When creating models for games, what texture size should I use?

I want to make game ready models. A problem I am having is knowing what size texture sets to sell them with. One of the problems is I don’t know what the maximum texture size is. I learned from searching for this topic is the texture should be made the bigger, then down sized according to the models closest intended viewing distance. That I will have to leave up to the consumer, but I don’t know what maximum texture size to give them. Should I use 4096 or 8192? Maybe something bigger?

Edit: I would also have to do hand painting on them.

I think 4k textures would be fine, and including a set of varying sizes would be a good idea. 8k might be a bit too much, as games usually need to process realtime which a lot of high res textures may slow it down.
The texture size does depend on its use case. You only need the lowest resolution that looks fine when viewed from a given distance.

I suppose you could do some test renders of 1k vs 2k vs 4k vs 8k and see if it is noticable enough to justify a higher resolution.

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Yeah, my response is somewhat similar: depends on size of object (a knife doesn’t need a large texture like say, a building or large vehicle) and how close the camera can get to it.

For example, the pigeons in the recent Spider-Man game came under some scrutiny recently when someone bugged outside the usual world map a bit and was able to get right up next to them. Generally, they will fly away from spidy before you can get terribly close, but that seems to not work outside the normal world area. https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/b82c1g/i_dont_know_pidgey_i_guess_they_just_thought_my/

So in general, 4k and let them downscale if they desire. Smaller objects it might be acceptable to use 2k. Here’s an example where I went with 2k because it’s “enough”: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z551QN

Note: I baked my source normal map at much higher res and downscaled to 8k 32-bit openEXR for the geometry bake (pre-materials). Final maps are all 2k in those renders.

Learn about Texel Density

& Here’s a little helper addon

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depends how close you render with camera or distance.
let say on screen your object is 3 inch wide that represent like 300 pixels
you would need a UV with twice or 600 pixels to get a nice render!
see wiki on UV mapping

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