when did blender get "good" viewport rendering?

is it for real or a sweetner in the merge tools build, haven’t downloaded any other since and don’t plan to until the official release and if it is does it have a hot key

in case anybody is confused the screenshot button thing,

well do tell


perhaps I wasn’t clear previously 2.37 the render window (button to the right of the layer buttons would give what could best be discribed as a screenshot i.e the model as it would appears with editmode enabled for e.g. now I get a render like i would get if I pressed f12 but in any angle I want without have to touch the camera.

so is this the new behavior in 2.4 and does it have a hot key hope that is clearer

Ctrl-F3 and Ctrl-Shft-F3 for animations. It’s been there as long as I can remember and has menu entries under ‘File’; Dump 3D window and Screen.


thanks for the hot keys and wasn,t arguing the existance of that feature I,m simpling saying that render quality has improved and lighting and whatrnot is now computed and I get no wire frames/selection highlighting and such with the render, a clear distinction from 2.37 and older

in short I can comfortably and accurately fix fine tune detail as comfortable as I did in max

good work and thanks

edit: those hot keys dont seam to work, you know what using the mouse will have to do sigh!!

Mouse Cursor in the window you want to capture and Ctrl-F3 brings up a FileBrowser window that asks if and where you want to save the image.


perhaps if I illustrate
in 2.37 the image below is what you get from clicking the button in circled red, the pink outline no attention to lights in the scene

2.40 with that same button in red, the lighting is there selection borders are not visible, problems are much easier to see, I like this

is there a hot key for it so that I dont have to reach for the mouse every time I rotate and pan the scene and render to find mistakes and I make lots of those 8) , I have full use of only one hand and this would be a real time saver

OK, I see now what you mean. Unfortunately there is no Hotkey that I know of that goes straight to the render window.


O.k. that is indeed unfortunate especially since that function could now truly be considered as viewport rendering

perhaps someone should consider making F12 view specific rather than camera specific now that the ground work seems to be there “cut my teeth in max” and there is a hotkey for camera view right.

I am very happy to see this is being implemented in 2.4

Everyone says Blenders interface is difficult, and it is, but the inability to render from viewport was about 90% of my frustration when I first started using Blender, and that is no exaggeration.

I haven’t seen this in my alpha copy but I wonder, if the viewport button gives you render quality, what will we use for quick playblast rendering? Or, does viewport animation output (playblast) still render at viewport quality?

The render this viewport button has been there since 2.23 iirc.

ALT+B key and ‘draw’ a selection in the camera view, then when render is pressed you get just that section rendered.

Very useful for quick full quality previews.

Don’t forget to disable it when you want to do the full frame render.


yeah but not in that quality see screenies

What’s being talked about in this thread is not in official bf-blender CVS. I think it’s an external patch that has been applied by whoever made that testing build. Just to clear this up.

I had a feeling that was the case seeing as many were confused about it, I use the merge-tools build that person must have “re-wired” the renderer to work with the window

didn’t realise it wasn’t standard, sorry about that. But I think I’ll continue using this.
it doesn’t burn my ass as much as having to move the camera or model arround just to tweak things

well I certainly hope it becomes part of 2.4 anyways.