When I add a reference image @ 1920x1080 how come it looks so small? Can I resize it?

I am adding a reference image to make a better version of a freeware virtual object (3D), However when I add the image it simply looks small…I’ve added different images in the past for example the tea cup image from Blender Guru when I first started getting into this program a couple of weeks ago; is much larger when added to blender but the resolution is significantly smaller than the 1920x1080 image I am adding now. Is there a way for me to size reference image to a certain resolution?

Kind regards

You can scale the image the same as any other object using the ‘g’ key (or the Transform->Scale values) and use snapping to align it to something else.

Hi omgold I understand the G key, but what I ended up doing was simply setting the output resolution of the the render which gave me what I wanted. But thank you very much anyway