When I duplicate an object, I can't move it

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqeNA_4O0Qg&t=1332s around the 20 minute mark.

He takes the top of the donut, Shift-D, then P.
When I do this I can’t move the duplicated object. There is a red border around it.

Thank you.

“Shift+D” duplicated the selected faces, and “P” separated those duplicated faces into a new object.

To move or edit the new object you just need to use “Tab” to get out of the first object’s Edit mode.

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I think maybe he said “G” not “P”. Press G to move the duplicated object and left-click on the mouse to confirm the location.

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If you have duplicated it, but are still in edit mode, you can no longer iteract with hte newly separated object until you return to object mode.

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Thank you so much guys.