When I press "P"....

ok, I downloaded blender 3.1 and I have windows vista. I’m following the tutorials and it sais to press “p” to pretty much test your game, right? So I press it and i get a grey screen unless it’s in textured mode, then it’s blue. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it my laptop? Thanks in advance for your help.

the current version of blender is 2.49a, so i dunno what u have, because blender 3.1 is not gonna be around for a while. assuming that u meant blender 2.49, yes, thats whats supposed to happen. you entered the Game Engine. unless u have something in the scene for the engine to act upon, u wont get anything but a grey/blue screen

Sorry, yeah I have 2.49, but I followed the tutorial like it said… I have that default cube… shouldn’t I see that when I start the game? In the tutorial it shows the cube in a lighter shade of grey, almost white. I’m terribly new at this and I would apreciate any help I could get. Thanks in advance.

can u post a link to the tutorial? I’ll take a look at it.

make sure you have your viewport pointed at the cube, and put a light in your scene otherwise the cube will be a black silhouette. It’s probably best to have a camera to make sure your view is pointed correctly. Also, it’s possible your normals are reversed. Reverse normals will not show in the game engine.

This is the tutorial Im using… I’m up to the part where I’m doing the sensors controllers and actuators. It sais that I would see the cube move… but its not even there to begin with so… yeah, please help me so I can move to the next step.