When I use 'instance to scene' in outliner.. objects disappear

I have made a couple of collections with objects in it. These objects are animated… I want to keyframe the visibility of these collections… so i use “instance to scene” in the outliner and keyframe the viewport/render visibility

However… with some of the collections I use ‘instance to scene’ on… objects disappear from the instance.
Or they change location… I noticed this only happens to object that I imported or copied from another blend file.

Can anybody tell me what is causing this?

When you instance to scene, you create a Collection Instance object that displays the content of this collection.
This object has a location. If you move this object, instances of objects from collection are no more at same location than original objects.

If you only keep the Collection Instance object and delete original collection and its content, Collection Instance object has no more content to refer to. So, copies are deleted like original collection.

If you move an original object from one Collection to another one, it may not belong anymore to collection referenced by Collection Instance. In that case, that is intended behavior to stop to duplicate it.

If you have a problem with linked stuff, it is probable that link was broken. That may happen if you move files from a folder to another one.

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Guessing that in the OP’s case that instance-object’s position isn’t within camera view.

thank you for your replies guys… turns out that for some reason…when i made an instance… the location was off…so I just had to clear the location and it all seems aligned now…

But I noticed another problem… I have instanced about 20 collections with this method… but now the rendering takes FOREVER to start… The rendering itself is fine…but it just take a long time to start/build the render…

And when I remove the instances…the renders starts fast again

So i figure the instances are causing this delay? Is this fixable because it’s adding like a minute to every render now…