When logicbricks get hairy

(Pooba) #1

We need a little bit of humor in this forum:

This isn’t the worst it’s gotten, but i had the file open so i took a screenshot.


(saluk) #2

Hehehe, very nice! I’ve seen worse as well, but lately, python has improved the logic immensely for me. But my code has grown increasingly scary. Can’t even remember how anything works anymore. No wonder I can’t find the dreadful bug.

(gargola) #3

:smiley: he he he! look like some of mine! very very scary indeed! :smiley:

(SeaCigar) #4

:stuck_out_tongue: wow…rotflmho…

Thats how my kirby character is starting to look…

and best of all… I haven’t even finished programming all his moves to handle the first level! :slight_smile:

I hope to god nobody asks me to come up with meaningful names for my bricks…

thats great, pooba :smiley: