When Rebdering an image, some meshes disappear.

Hi to all.
I’m new to your comunity and i have a problem with a project of mine.
I made a car in blender 2.6.1 (from my imagination), meshes on it are:
2.glass (for all the windows)
3.tires.f (front)
4.tires.r (rear)
11.gas tap

I also recorded a video and i tracked lots of spots to it and inserted the car.

It works perfectly when in object mode or in edit mode, but when i render an image the lights, roof and gas tap disappear.

Can someone helpme?

i can give you screenshots if you wish.

(Sorry if my english aren’t too good)

HI, may you have disabled rendering, look in the outliner if the little camera symbol is disabled on these objects.
Or paste your blend:


Cheers, mib.


i think they all are good…
please see yourself.

it’s my first blend so i’ll be glad if you tell me your opinion.
thanks a lot for helping.

Your roof is on a leyer that you have set to not render in the Render / Layers panel
You should also se your lamp to be renderable in the outliner window (the camera icon greyed out, just press the icon to turn it on)


ok i have found out why… the meshes that are missing in the render are on the far right layer, ive moved them to the first layer and everything is fine

blend file

thank you for your time and solution!
i’ll keep trying for better results.