When should I start learning blender after UE4?

I’m currently learning Unreal Engine and making my first game. I’ve known I’d need to learn it eventually, but after I learn how to do AI better, to do menus MUCH better, and learn some basic things with textures, I need to learn 3D modeling and animation in blender. The thing is, I don’t know if I should do it after that or after I truly know my way around the engine and have made several games. Being blender artists, do you think blender (once you learn how the tools work) is just a matter of improving your skills, and not having to go every second to find tutorials on how to use it (like my first three months with Unreal)?

If you want to be a solo dev you should learn Blender now while practicing in Unreal. Understanding how assets are created and optimized for games is important for the game development anyway.

Unreal is getting more and more content creation tools, but they won’t be anywhere near what Blender offers for a while.