When the Outliner goes crazy

So I’ve made some big projects in my time.

some have multiple-object models and multiple materials each with multiple textures on them.

what’s more, they’re all parented to one another.

when i took a look at the Outliner once to look at all the data i put in one file, i was surprised by this:
that’s the visualization of all my objects in one blend file.

take a look at some of your projects and see how their outlines turn out.

post them up for fun.

From the City I’m making:
(I win! :stuck_out_tongue: )

My 0.02 cents


Those are the OOPS window, not the Outliner.(nitpicking I know but it’s bound to scare potential users).



Better get this over with before the Orange Team starts posting theirs!

LOL :smiley:

here’s mine, from Mobas City



Here’s mine, the ‘piano corner’:

There, the asdroide script can generate all of this in one shot :wink:

(edit)imho, Fonix Wircs, me and Ecks won on you :wink:

this is the second biggest oops schematic i have:


its one of my lego models. the biggest could be that happy guy i made, but it is way to big to get it on my screen.

Gabio, where can I get that script? It would be perfect for what I’m working on.

There like pieces of artwork in themselves.

search never hurt.

Here’s one I started assembling from assets today for the 3rd scene in elephants dream. There’s a lot more geometry to come for this one, and there are no textures yet either, but they will be rendered in passes/layers so everything you’ll see in the final shot may not actually end up in this .blend file. Ther’s no greebling or dupliverts - all of the objects are hand modelled (lots of separate curves), though many of the ‘chunks’ were linked-duplicated perhaps 3 or 4 times. :slight_smile:

Yep, they kind of look like artwork generated by strange attractors a little bit.

Yep, they kind of look like artwork generated by strange attractors a little bit.[/quote]
Lorenz would be proud. :slight_smile:


My blender is talking to me:

Judging by artistic impression, rocketman’s one is the coolest.

I also liked Gabio’s black’n’white stripes. :stuck_out_tongue: