When verticies go bad

(Atomike) #1

If I have a rounded-object (subsurfed let’s say), and I want to move some of the verticies, those verticies always move along the x, y, or z plane depending on which view you have at the time. Lets say that I want to move a vertici, but have it move along the shape of the circle-mesh? Is that possible? Let me rephrase in case you didn’t get it: A circle with a circular hole on the surface. I want to make that hole bigger or move it around on the sphere (without rotating the main mesh itself). Ideas? When I move vertecies, it ends up deforming my mesh instead of what I want.

(Squee) #2

I’m not really sure if this is what you want but if you Rot the Texture it would make it look like the Sphere was rotating.

Hope this helps

(Atomike) #3

Sorry, no. Thanks for the response though. I’m beginning to realize that this is one request that Blender cannot do. Maya is, apparently, as well as Softimage (both were used on VeggieTales which is the look I’m going for). But Blender, I don’t think, can do what I want.
I’m looking to take a bezier circle & “map” it onto the mesh basically, so that as I move it, the four points follow the curve of my sphere mesh. Failing that, I wanted to move verticies to mimic this phenomenon. But, I’m probably out of luck.