When will Cycles be able to do hard shadows?

I really like Blender Cycles, but one of the important features that its missing is hard shadows.

I know that you can composite hard shadows using blender Internal and the compositor, but its quite tricky to get the right kind of shadows and it takes a lot of trial and error to get the shadows right.

I really hope Cycles adds this feature some time in the future.

In 5 seconds: add a lamp and set the size to 0.

it leaves too many path tracing fireflies

That’s up to you to deal with. The shadows are hard. There is no such thing as a hard shadow in real life.

Please ignore my last post, it turns out I set the emission to high.

Thanks MadMinstrel

Set integrator Max Bounce = 0 and you get 0 fireflies, Cycles will work as BI only direct light shading.