When will particle nodes (New particle system) be ready?

I downloaded blender 2.91 before and the particle nodes were experimental only. Many of the options were “mock up”. I just would like to know when will it be released? What’s the date of release? If there is no exact date, will it be released soon like (e.g. V2.92)? Or will it take many months or maybe years?

You really can’t predict when and if features will become a part of blender. That’s the harsh truth.

That is not to say I am unhappy with progress, I am very happy with it actually, just that experience has taught me its best to lower your expectations. Features will hit blender when they do, trying to predict them, even with updates and plans from the BF themselves has proven to be rather futile.

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Hard to say. The team is focusing on Geometry Nodes instead, but in some way particles are included. Probably, initially, they will be similar to current hair particles but under a nodal and procedural workflow. I think it will take a while to see emitter particles.

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