When you bring food to the office

Hello everyone!

My last project “When you bring food to the office”

Better quality in:


Very nice very well done. good story telling choice.

I am currently in this situation, hahaha
Good work!

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Lol, this is awesome.

I’m really impressed.

After a small incident at work, young Oliver was interviewed by our journalist for the newspapers.
Here is what some of his co-workers were saying:

Adrianna, cubicle on the right
“I’m bothered by the smell. Burned oil, stinky meat, onions, cheese… all junk. What’s next - Haggis?!?”

John, the janitor
“Whoever brings their food to their work office, studio… should be fired. All they do is mess things up.
There’s a kitchen with a chair, a table & a fridge for that reason, plus, if person is claustrophobic or needs privacy, there’s much more space outdoors. Go to the park. Enjoy, appreciate the gift.”

Bob, cubicle on the left
“He never shared anything. What a rude boy.”

, the boss
“Very unprofessional, unproductive & distracting. Such behavior is penalized in our offices, $100. Doing it again might as well get the employee some vacations on the drive-in. And before you start implying, got nothing to do with the color of his eyes.”

Yup, it’s a satire.
:cool: Keep it up.:slight_smile:

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PErhaps some smoke pulling the heads in? Very nice shot

Very nice idea and so well executed.
Congratulation 5*

LOL @ the giraffe cup and the necks of the people! :smiley:
This render is so convinving, I’m hungry now!

very nice, i like the colours <3

>Hello Guys<

Brilliant scene. :slight_smile: I saw rest of your projects at your www. really love the style.

Thank you very much!

This shot is just “instantly, pure fun!” Everything about it just works. Love the attention to detail, including the bathroom-sign (which, uhh, would never actually be mounted above the door …) and the sticky-note on the wall and the suspended ceiling. This is pure ol’ ROTFLMAO stuff! Well done.

Lol this made me laugh so hard, great job!

Wow struck a nerve for me I about sprayed coffee onto my monitor.:yes: nice work really captures that feeling.