Where and How Should I Post This

After considerable effort, I think I have finally managed to create a realistic dust cloud to go along with destruction simulations. I would like to post my procedure for the benefit of others and perhaps receive constructive critique back. I can put a video of the work on YouTube but I can’t do anything like a tutorial (no software). Anyway, the procedure is 5-6 pages long. Thanks.

I guess it would depend on what the main technique is. I mean, is it mainly a modeling technique, texturing, lighting?

If you are looking for critique, you could always post it in Focused Critique. Or, Blender Tests might be a good spot.

Where ever you put it, give it a good title, like “Realistic Dust Cloud for Destruction Simulations” to get the eyeballs you need.

Thanks. I guess my biggest question is: how to post the technique. I can write it up and add photos with reference to YouTube. But, it is likely to be 15-20 pages or more - I think I can make it a PDF. Are these options available on any of the Blender forum sites?

I don’t think you can attach a PDF file here.

But you can do videos, and put the PDF somewhere and give a link.

I’ve done some long tutorials here. I wrote them out in advance, so I knew how many images I needed, then started a thread and immediately added a number of replies (with nothing much in each) to reserve the space-- you only get three images per post. Then I went back and edited the replies to put the actual tutorials and images in place. That way I got everything in sequence without having someone read half the tutorial and complain it wasn’t finished while I was still working on it, and getting the complaint sandwiched in between tutorial posts.

Can you do a video with voice over? Video tutorials are pretty popular. Or a video with subtitles?

If you really can’t edit it down under 15 pages, I’d suggest going the PDF route, using pasteall to hold the file, and putting a demo video and maybe an image or two in the post here on BlenderArtists, along with the pasteall link.