Where are layers in texture painting

OK I should know this but I haven’t used texture painting in Blender ever. Thought I would give it a try. First layer painting no issue. But then I need to add another layer to get the effect I want like you do in Gimp or Photo shop; can’t find it. Can you not texture in layers in Texture Paint and then blend them and change opacity?

You can have texture layers :slight_smile: but you do it through the Shader Editor:

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Jeez! Back to Gimp for me.

There’s a free add-on that implements texture layers in a more traditional way:

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For simply drawings without grading color this will work.

The “greater than” generate a mask, because in my example black color is “nothing”, (any color above 0.02 value is the mask) then the mix node combine the images using the mask as reference.