Where are the render display options in Blender 2.8?


I just can’t find the Cycles rendering display options in Blender 2.8 ( Keep UI / New Window / Image Editor / Full Screen). Please help a lost 2.7x user. :slightly_smiling_face:

Muchas gracias.

Hi, it is now in Render menu > Display Mode.
It is 3 clicks instead of 1, hrm.

Cheers, mib


Many thanks, @mib2berlin. I think I’d have searched for another 20 minutes if you hadn’t told me this. I don’t know if this is a beneficial change from 2.7x to 2.8. :thinking:

I’ve added this to my growing list of tips for moving from Blender 2.7x to 2.8.

First tentative was to remove completely 2.79 Render panel from Properties by extending this Render menu to display more settings in Render Tab with the assumption that almost everybody use F12.
Then, render engine came back from Topbar to properties. Everybody is searching these buttons, there.

It is not great to have settings in one side of UI, render menu at the opposite side, progress bar and button to stop rendering at bottom in status bar.
Everything should be in same area. I think those buttons will come back in properties.
Most of apps have these buttons in render display window.
Rendering workspace should probably be revised to include Render Output tab, anyways.

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Agreed. I also hope these related options will be placed in the same area for convenience.

I am confused - if render mode panel is in Display mode. However other posts say there is no display mode as its under construction and available. Does that mean there is not render panel and therefor no access to feature settings (so you can change settings to experimental) in the render panel.

Any advice here would be great.

Hi, most settings are in the render panel but some are in the Render Menu now.
No idea why “Render in New Window” is now in:
Render Menu
------------------ Display Mode
------------------------------------- New Window

Cheers, mib

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Regarding this, I still have not decided whether to consider this a bad decision, or it just happens that I was used to 2.79 way.
Luckily, chosen configuration is still saved in .blend file.

Existence of repetition of same things under Render menu and Render panel in 2.79 was a problem for William.
He tried to solve that by suppression of Render panel. But users are not very much enthusiasts about that.
IMO, the correct move would be to suppress Render menu.
Render panel could be remade and placed under new Output Tab.
Panel under Render tab that only correspond to engine choice could be renamed Render Engine.
And such panel under Output Tab could be named Render or Execute.

Well, yes and no. The reason those things are in the Render menu currently is that there isn’t a super obvious place for it now in the Properties, and also simply because those options are not that important - it’s not something you are likely to set all the time. It would seem out of place if they were at the very top, given their relative low importance.

As for the Render Image / Animation buttons, in 2.79 they didn’t work so well, because as you would scroll up or down through the list of properties, the buttons would scroll away, which means that users would have to scroll up and down to get to those buttons.

@JulianSeverin has a patch to add the render buttons as a separate region at the bottom, so no matter how you have scrolled the properties, you can always find and hit the render buttons, which never move:

Hopefully we can add that before long.


I would be delighted to see such a pinned approach for the Add Modifier drop-down menu. Now, if you have a number of modifiers, you have to tediously keep scrolling to the top of the modifier stack just to be able to add another modifier.


It is true.
Perhaps also contextual Shift+A when mouse over the stack/field of some tab in Properties Editor where something can be added?

As a small Workaround, when the mouse pointer is over the field of any tab in Properties Editor, Start (Home Key in english layout i guess?) key jump UP. Tapping multiple times Page Up/Down keys also can help.


in the meantime you can add those menus to your right click context menus. (Python)

It’s super handy to have the option to add objects and modifiers in the right click context menus.
I really don’t know why Blender is not like that by default. :frowning:


No. Locking Interface option is a performance improvement. It depends on complexity of render.
It is not a kind of user preference.
Display mode is relative to how user adapted its workspace to its workflow. It can be a kind of preference. But that is not rarer to modify it than switching to another render preset.

That would not be the case in Output Tab that contains few panels. (that is not the most obscure tab. that is the third)
Most of cases would only require 3 or 4 open panels.
And there are PageUp and Page Down shortcuts.

Sure, that’s why the option still exists. But the issue is that there is currently no good/obvious place for it in the Render Properties.

Perhaps one possible option would be to add a Display panel in the Output Properties.

As for Render Image / Animation, those would be available both in the Render and Output tabs. In the Render Properties, we would still have the issue of users scrolling down to tweak something, then having to scroll back up to hit Render. This can be solved by using the solution above.

Think of a file browser. If the Open/Save button would scroll away when you scroll down, it would be quite bad - similar to the old Render Image / Animation buttons.

That is a really weird comparison.
File Browser display a huge amount of file info.
That is not the same.
We can imagine a panel corresponding to Render menu with subpanels like actual separators of the menu.
By default that could be a small panel above Dimensions, Output panels that would be open and Post-Processing, Stereoscopy, Metadata closed.
But if user wants to make several tests and changing notes in metadata panel, he is not forced to scroll all the time. He can simply rearrange panels order and set Metadata panel just below a Render panel by dragging it.

There is a Rendering workspace, now. It could contain 2 Properties Editors instead of 1.
One showing Render Tab and the other one showing Output tab with obvious buttons.

Yes, users could re-organize the panels, but the whole point is to avoid re-organizing/scrolling. and just making the buttons always available.

When we had those buttons, users would have to set it up themselves like this:

…In order to keep the Render buttons in view while scrolling. Which is not se elegant if they have to do that.

I was thinking about something like that.

I’ve got my most-used modifiers in my Quick Favorites. I’m desperately longing for some Quick Favorites management options though. Right now the order is a mess.

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Hahaha. This is Blender, dude. :rofl:

But yeah, I wish it was like that by default too. It’s sad.

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