Where are the tools in Sculpt Mode?

Taking a tutorial and in sculpt mode the trainer shows and uses a variety of tools under the Tool menu in Sculpt Mode. He was using 2.6. I now have 2.69, but didn’t see them in 2.68 either. Attached is what was there in 2.6.

Are these tools somewhere else?

The tool menu has moved in the bottom header, where there is “View”, “Sculpt” , “Brush” , “Hide/Mask”.
Click on “Brush” in the bottom header and you’ll see the sculpt tools.

Got it! Thank you, Sanctuary,

What about the big thumbnail on the top of the panel?

The big thumbnail on top of the panel is is for the sculpt Brush, not the sculpt Tool.
You can assign a different tool to a selected brush, by example in dyntopo you can assign the Simplify tool to the Clay brush etc…

Oh, i see; that thing up there is for presets, while this thread is about one of the parameters that can be changed in a preset.

Btw, who came up with the names? “Tool” being something you change inside a “brush” doesn’t sound very intuitive…