Where can I find this Character Rig?

Does anyone know where I can find this character rig ?

Saw this character rig at an online tutorial. The link in the description points to a different character rig.

You could try asking the guy on YouTube who made the tutorial. He seems to reply to his comments.

I am sorry I didn’t tell you about the approaches I tried to locate this character.

I tried asking the guy. So far there are no replies.
I tried asking the linked site. No replies.
I tried google, but because I don’t know what this character’s meta information like name or such, that didn’t work either.
So I tried here hoping someone might have [em | de] ployed this character in their work.

( So think of this like a parallel query like when searching for a lost person. )

Looks like Stewie, a Animation Mentor rig for teaching body mechanics. Either that or a copy of Stewie. I’m not sure if there is a Blender version of it, but there are copies for Max and Maya. Pretty old, so don’t ask me where to find them nowadays.

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Looks like the gender neutral character is Stewie.
But its a rig for Maya or 3ds max. :face_vomiting:
Wished Blender had such a Biped Rig say “Stewzanne” for beginners.

Interesting historical Info: This race of stewtonians were once captured alive, studied and documented in Tony White’s book “Animation from Pencils to Pixels”


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Ask and you shall receive!

On the blender cloud you can find “Animation Fundamentals Rigs” which includes a basic biped called “Sky”. These are free for everyone: you don’t need to be a paying cloud subscriber.


Jeez… Thanks.

Found these on Blendswap:

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