Where can I get the Blender 2.79 manual?

I accidentally hit some hotkey and lost the right most section of the default display. That section normally has the Outliner window above the Properties window. So I went to find out how to restore it from the Blender 2.79 Reference Manual. However, searches kept bringing up the Blender 2.80 Reference Manual. I found a place I could download a .zip of a .pdf of the 2.79 manual, but only after I registered.

I believe that are many of us, who for various reasons, don’t want to update to 2.8x yet. It’s hard for me to understand why a pre-2.8x manual is not available. If you know where a 2.79 manual can be downloaded (without registration), please let me know. Barring that, is there a hotkey that can restore the rightmost section. Note, this is not the Properties panel toggled by [N].

It’s here: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/2.79/
you just have to change the number in the url. Aggreed though - it’d be nice if there was a more obvious link for it.

You probably accidentally hit ctrl + up arrow and maximized the 3D View. That’d be ctrl + space in 2.8. If that’s not it, you can click on the corner of the 3D view and drag with your mouse to open a new Editor - then switch it’s type to “Properties” (not the “N panel”). Do the same thing again vertically to open the outliner.

I can only show it in 2.8 - I don’t have 2.7 installed, but it’s the same

Why aren’t you learning 2.8 though? It’s much easier.

@Stuntkoala, thank you for your helpful response. I have bookmarked the 2.79 manual. Relative to the issue with the rightmost section disappearing, I was able to reproduce the crime using Ctrl-[UpArrow] as you suggest. Surprisingly, I was not able to restore the rightmost section like you show in your 2.8x video. For 2.79, when the display is in the default state, there is a widget in the upper right corner of the main window that you can drag out to add new windows, as you show. However, when in the Ctrl-[UpArrow] state, the widget is not there and dragging on the right edge does nothing. I believe that is because, in 2.79, the Ctrl-[UpArrow] state is temporary and there is a section in the main header at the top [< Back to Previous]. I didn’t see that before I made my initial post. So, for 2.79, the default state can be re-enabled by either pressing Ctrl-[DownArrow] or clicking the [< Back to Previous].

Relative to 2.8x, I’m using Blender for my work. The present addons and preferences are exactly what I need for the current project. When this project is over, I will certainly consider 2.8x.

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https://upbge.org/ game engine dropped as of 2.8. upbge is based on 2.79 and said to maintain that way with increasing divergence as it develops. The 2.79 manual will continue to be relevant.