where can i go?

hi everyone.
i’m looking for work expeariance for school and i want to go somewhere that dose animation but i can’t find anywhere. i’m in Australia and i’m not sure where to look. dose anyone know?

First of all, you are going to have to learn how to spell.
No one is going to hire you say for a commercial that reads
“By yummee doo doos 4 ur brekfeast”.
Do you get my point?

quick google search…
http://www.drdstudios.com/ -Sydney
http://www.animallogic.com/ -Sydney (a quite famous studio)

yeah i know. spelling’s my weakest area.
i’ve seen Animal logic before. well i have seen some of thier stuff but i didn’t know thier compny name. thanks

http://www.AnimationMentor.com is what I was thinking about - it’s an online tradeschool that might be worth looking into.
If you want to see how they work, go to the website, play the videos, and also check out some webisodes and podcasts.

you can also go to
http://www.11secondclub.com and they can critique your work there. The best thing to do is practice a little every day. Build a portfolio, then BAM! submit that good looking stuff to a studio.

I use this forum browser function, where it underlines all the falsely spelled words, until i correct them.

I normally write my replies with AbiWord. It is free and open source and corrects my spelling for me.
(I can’t spell that well either.) It also will also check for syntax if you wish. This is a nice feature if you are trying to communicate in several languages that are not your native language. It is a pretty nice program. You should check it out.