Where can I learn how to write python scripts for blender?

I’m sorry if this question is dumb, but I know a little bit of coding, I own some books in python and I’ve never gave them a chance until now that I need to import smd 3d models to blender. Lately I’m becoming more interested in writing code and I want to learn how to write scripts for blender, and share them of course if they work. I don’t want to sound lazy but I was hoping that maybe someone can point me to some updated python scripting tutorials for blender. Thanks.:smiley:


on note here

are you talking about 2.49 ?

cause the 2.5 API is being rewritten looks in news and discussions
for thread about this

the 2.5 API is completely new and not compatible with the older API

so may be you should wait a little till the 2.5 API is totaly done and with some good doc
and then you’ll be able to do it for 2.5

unless you want to stay with 2.49 !

hope it helps

I guess I’ll wait then if the api is changing that much. Just one question, does anyone know if blender 2.5 is going to use python 3 or will stick with 2.6?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

i think as it is now - it’s 2.6.2 but quit possible that the next version will be with 3.0 or else

hope it helps

use python 2.6.2. , it has all the 3.0 stuff in it which can be accessed with “from future import”. it’s alot easier to get python 2.5 scripts working in 2.6 and 2.6 contains a 2to3 script that will convert all you errorless 2.6 scripts into working 3.0 scripts so you only have to write and debug the script once.

I started with the mastering blender book, that showed me the basics, and then from there it was just a lot of questions on the forum and searching the API