Where can I learn to manage scenes, timelines, files, for a big animation project?

Hello, my name is Nehemek, I am a graphic designer and about to graduate from university. For my final project I’m researching about creating a short in Blender. I’ve been using it for some years now and can handle modeling, animation, materials etc… My current problem however, is that I don’t know how to properly manage the scenes in a project, the files and hierarchy, naming conventions, camera takes, and all that work that allows you to save time and avoid headaches in the long run.

Are there any tutorials or material that specifically cover these topics?

Thank you in advance.

I also support my interest in this topic.

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to be honest there is no robust solution for this task in Blender atm. The linkning itself is very badly managed and constructed in the Blender and bet on it you will need it!
There is one huge disadvantage in the linking: unability to work with whole armature structure right after linking in the character or any asset with “Pose” neccessity.
You have to copy its “Rig” structure as the proxy and then use it normally. BUT: if you need the update for any part of the rig you have to delete the proxy rig and make it again, then chosing its action, etc. …

Slow, unnotticed, useless …

And a top of it all: if you have any kind of interaction between the linked rigs(with coppied proxies) with bone constraints Blender is unable to keep them efficiently so you need to make them again from scratch.

If I have to do these repetitive tasks for, just for an example for 20 characters in the scene, each element/character/property linked into the animation scene, it will be very annoying. :slight_smile:

Everything described above is valid for current beta 2.8 so I hope devs are working on it because at the current state the linking is useless for parallel pipelines.

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prism seems quite handy for shot management -

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