Where do I find the python script errors in 2.5?

Probably a dumb question, but where do I find the script errors in 2.5? They don’t appear in the console window anymore…

Maybe you deactivated Deprication Warning in the Render Tab?

Also, if they’re very deprecated (even in 2.49) then you may not receive any errors

inthe console

if you use Windows you need to start Blender from a shell or you use a batch file

I… I have no idea what that means.:eek:

I am able to access the console from the help menu, do I still need to do this shell/batch file thing?

You don’t have to - it’s just for convenience - if you start it from a batch file or the shell, it brings the console up next to Blender.

Are you sure that it’s actually executing the script? Is it connected to a sensor that is running? Maybe the script is working fine, and there aren’t any script errors, as well.

Yeah, I’m sure I’m executing the script. It even affects the game. It’s just that nothing appears in the console, even when I “print(‘OK’)”.

… That’s very odd. Try toggling the console from the help menu - is there possibly another instance of Blender or another console that you’re looking at accidentally?

If it means anything, I’m running Blender Portable:


I’m blocked from installing the regular version of Blender on my comp…

Well, i’ve had this same problem in the later version of Blender Portable ->you have to press Show Console twice to show it (the first time, not afterwards, which would indicate that it thinks the console is already open).
However, to circumvent this, don’t launch it from the BlenderPortable.exe, instead look in the App/Blender/Blender.exe and launch the actual exe.

I noticed that too, agoose, but that wasn’t my problem. The problem is that nothing appears in the console.

Yes, but is your console completely blank?
that’s an issue with the portable version
but, if you run the App/Blender/Blender.exe in the portable version, it works

It seems to work now. Thank you!

right click on the application, then put the ending “-con” in the target field.
“C:\Programme\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender.exe” -con
this will not close the console after starting blender, on windows only…

isn’t Blender portable anyway?

I always download the zip version. Just extract and run it.