Where do I find the rules?

(rwenzlaff) #1

Where do I find the rules to theis contest. I tried the Shotgun Shells. I took 23 minutes. I have no idea whether this passes, or when/what the next contest is.



(blengine) #2

very nice shells… heres how the contests work:

OFFICIAL RULES OF THE SMC(“who says theyre official?”…“fine, unofficial…u happy?”)

-join #blenderchat or #smc, both are irc chat rooms =)
-wait for someone to say “hey, whos up for an smc?”
-or as an alternative YOU can say “hey, whos up for an smc?” =P
-we use #smc as the room for this contest

contest rules:

-we debate a while on what the topic will be
-when topic is ready, theres usually about 4 minutes to prepare
-then the time keeper(changes each contest) says GO!
-then you have 30 minutes to complete your blender scene(sometimes 45 minutes depending on the topic)
-after the 30 or 45 minutes are up, you will have about 5 minutes to render your scene
-after those 5 minutes are up, you will have 5 minutes to upload =D
-the we post n vote