Where do I put python scripts!

Hello I am trying to mod Enemy Territory Quake Wars and I downloaded an exporter and importer script for the right file type but there is no script folder in the blender folder. Do I make a scripts folder? Oh and I have downloaded a script awhile ago and it worked so I have done it before, which makes me feel really stupid.:o

If you are under Windows, should be C:\Program files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts
And as it is an Import/export script you should seen it in File / Import.

And if you are running blender and the script dosen´t loads, in the scripts window, look for Update menus

and the third option is, if you want to just run the script without place a copy in the scripts folder, just in a text editor window, open the file, and then press Alt+P to run it


use a zip versions. the installer version has the default location as a hidden folder, if you dont change that you have to show hidden folders, then there will be a C:programdata folder, you’ll see blender or blender foundation folder then .blender then scripts.

download meta’s loaded build, unzip it to your c drive, then ipen it and right click on the blender exe file and create a short cut or pin it to your start menue. your scripts folder will be inside there easy to find, but it is loaded with every script you will probably ever need already plus alot of other stuff.


thank u so much