Where do I start?


I’m new to Blender and really interested in 3D design and animation but I have no clue where to start.
I’ve had a 4 hour course of C4D at my school but all we made was a spoon and right now when I opened Blender for the first time I had no clue what to do.

If anyone could help me getting this on it’s feet I would highly appreciate it because I’ve got some great ideas of what I want to do and I have an urge to start learning in dept and realising them. :spin:

Look at the top of the forum. there is a ‘New to Blender’ button

There is a link to the blender manual in the blender help menu


Set yourself an goal preferably simple one and Youtube is your friend, there is ton of tutorial in there. I usual feel like it is to click where the one clicks :wink:

First, decide what kind of 3D computer graphics you are interested in. In general, you have organic (people, animals and monsters) and hard-surface (trains, planes and automobiles.) In addition, you could focus on archvis, which is short for architectural visualization: making photo-realistic scenes of rooms or buildings.

If you aren’t interested in modeling, you can get involved in animation using rigged characters from BlendSwap or other sources.

I’m not saying you can’t learn to do everything, eventually, but to get started it’s best to pick one area to concentrate on while you learn the tools.

I want to learn how to make organic creatures, I even promised a friend of mine I would make her a baby elephant if I ever got good enough at it. So I would like to start with stuff related to that.