Where do YOU Blend?

So, Where do you Blend? Well, not where exactly…but what does your workstation look like? I’ve seen these threads before on gaming websites, but can’t find one on here, so thought I’d start. So, here’s mine :

Nothing exciting really, and no doubt a lot better and more kit-envious setups out there. Single Monitor, stack of 3D Artists mags and a few Blender books next to me for quick reference, A4 Bit of paper stuck on the wall with some HotKeys as my memory is terrible, and my extremely comfortable chair (!) for those long hours spent re-topo’ing!

So, what’s your current Setup? Time to make each other Jealous!!

Hmmm well I don’t think I’m going to make anyone jealous but here goes!
I do all my blending on the family computer a windows 7 64 bit compaq laptop that was given to us by a friends friend
when we got it, it was not working, then thanks to my technological genius, :smiley: (more luck than anything), I got it working,
cleaned off the bloatware, downloaded blender, and it has been serving the family not so faithfully ever since!

My surroundings are as follows; the family laptop sits on a wooden desk with cork chocks to elevate it slightly
as it has a bad habit of over heating (the laptop, not the desk) (rendering is a nightmare) the desk is also occupied by two speakers, a ham radio a power converter and other office supplies. On the chip board psudowood paneling wall behind and above were the laptop sits, is a hand drawn picture of our family crest. I have an old green wool carpet beneath my feet, and I sit in a wing back arm chair
Oh and I should mention that all of this is in the living room so there’s almost constant distractions
the desk and the dresser beside it also have a, printer not working because of the lack of ink ( it wont even scan) also there is an adding machine, receipt nail, a glass lamp. and a rev war reproduction ink stand with a few modern pens in it.
to my direct right is a window looking out on a large mulberry tree and our garden.
So there it is! home sweet home!

Well, me and my two brothers share one MacMini 1.6.8 at the mo, my sister has another computer, and my older bro used to have a Macbook pro, but that was ruined when he was playing mine craft (stupid game -_- :p) So now, me, my older bro, and my younger bro share a comp :expressionless: We live in an old ruin (400 years old) that we’ve been renovating for 6 years. I work on a nice old wooden desk, with the comp screen in the middle, A lava lamp on one side, and my mini palm tree on the other :smiley: There is also a giant lamp next to the palm, and some head anatomy model’s I made with clay! We just use a normal chair for this desk (a pretty hard one XD) but I am DEFINETLY going to try and pick up one of those swivel one’s! Underneath the desk, there are a few boxes packet with wires and leads and old headphones :stuck_out_tongue: literally, we have about 23 pairs that are completely worn down XP

I have to agree with you about mine craft, Stupid game
I just never said anything because people are touchy about it.:smiley:

Ooh!!! Finally someone why doesn’t like it!! :smiley: It’s such a time waster when you could be doing something like blender!

I agree! If you want to make something as blocky as that you should go play with legos.

LEGOS RULE!!! >:) :stuck_out_tongue:

Dinning room table,
21" Terrible TFT display (I really need a new one!)
Wacom bamboo
Biscuits (totally necessary :wink: )

AMD Fx-6100
Radion HD 6450
Kubuntu 14.10
Wifi antena
other assorted random crap

I can’t post any pics, because I only Blend in the nude :smiley:

use a mask to mask it out

lol, yeah, that could be a problem if the monitor reflects you as you take the photo then :smiley:

Frequently at the kitchen after lunch using my laptop.

I tried to post a pic last night, but BA wasn’t letting me. I have 3 monitors and a tower, keyboard, mouse, and a wacom tablet pen. I have a drawing table that I have added a large board to so I can keep all three monitors side by side in a semi-circle. I also keep a replica light saber at my desk and several star wars carded figures on the wall above my monitors. The side of the tower is off and I cool it with a giant box fan :smiley:



I think a friend had that set up , but without sculpt enabled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yer sometimes I do the same for big renders

i do all my “blending” at my laptop, next to a window on a cluttered “desk” in my “office” section of my house. the window gives me natural light until pretty late in the evening plus cold fresh air. the same spot is also where i eat, write, deal with paperwork,relax in the evening. my chair is a swivel chair with wheels (those without pads not wheels are infuriating even when you have no desire to roll around on them) and i prop my feet up on a second chair when i am not hunched over the keyboard. i use a real mouse not a nasty touchpad. it’s usually night time by the time i get to doing anything with blender so i try and angle the screen so it is lighting the keyboard well enough that i do not need to turn on a light to see it. i’m on windows 8 now but beside me sits a lovely old relic that has survived the “XPocalypse”.

Once again I totally agree with you.
We (my Brothers and I) have a large tote full of legos that we have played with since we were toddlers.
we have made or tried to make just about anything imaginable.
from a 2 foot tall AT-AT to robots and air planes and tall ships the sky is the limit! :yes:
What I meant was the stuff you make in minecraft doesn’t even look that good
Not that you cant make good looking stuff with legos :slight_smile:
I think you know what I mean! :smiley:

I get you! :wink: LOL, that sounds like me! Me and my bro once made a death star :smiley: Not that large, but it had a load of functions :slight_smile:

Until 3 months ago, this was the most powerful computer in our house. It has now been overtaken (slightly) by another family members laptop, but this one is still perfectly adequate for my hobby blending.

Normally the table is a lot messier than that. Sometimes I use an external keyboard and raise the laptop 6 inches on a box.


  • i5 3230 2.6ghz (Hyperthreaded Sual core I think)
  • Radeon 7670M (2gb graphics ram) and Intel HD 4000 dual graphics
  • 8gb ram
  • Crappy Wifi
  • Genius i608x graphics tablet
  • 6 hour battery life!

Triple boot Windows 7, Linux Mint, Arch Linux. I had windows 8 for a while, but the graphics drivers weren’t working nicely.