Where do you work?

Hey there, i am just about to hit my first year anniversary of working at Wal*mart.
No specific quells with the company… but dear Lord the managers there are doing a horrible job. i cannot believe what they put me through, expect of me, and how little they care.

Let’s put it this way, they tried to celebrate us hitting a difficult goal set for us by having a party in the break room. this “party” is a room with a sign saying “congratulations team! you earned this!” and them handing us snack sized milk duds and a loose packet of mustard/mayonaise from their hot items counter.

My wife’s therapist is beginning to worry about me more than her sometimes from all this wal*mart abuses me.

But seriously i could go on but i need not to.

I was wondering, where does everyone else work? What do you do?
Do you enjoy it there?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a specialist tax accountant working in a chartered practice. No problems here, I’m pretty much left to get on with it in my own time and in my own way. As long as the job gets done, everyone is happy.

I wonder if you were supposed to dip the Milk Duds in the mustard… :slight_smile:

Anyway. Admin, customer service, landscape designer, part owner, specialty gardening services, manual labor, the one who hauls around 120 lb bags of dirt, and pretty much everything else for the family landscaping and gardening business. And I’m trying Blender AGAIN… I’ve heard that it takes three attempts, and I am NOT giving up this time. :wink:

I’m working as freelance writer. Previously, I worked in the office, but then I realized that I prefer to work in this mode. In addition, it gives a certain freedom in choosing an employer.

Texas Instruments. The facilities are very industrial and it influenced my industrial design a bit.

Until I got made redundant a few years ago, I worked a a software developer focussing on software for the UK firebrigades and police. That could lead to some interesting encounters, like wandering into the police HQ to perform an upgrade to encounter a group of officers getting issued with their riot gear. “No officer, honest, I am MEANT to be here” :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I used to be a manager at a logistics company. Recently I’ve decided to change my occupation and started learning web design.

I work at a family owned snacks wholesale. I manage the website, make promotional material,emails,Facebook, orders etc

I do not enjoy it because everyone chips in on everything job. The only solid department is accounts. Telesales keeps getting involved in stock level where they shouldnt.

My manager always eavesdrop on my calls when I’m confident I can handle it. But she immediately takes it over making me feel incompetent. Also she’s very condescending, scalding me for every mistake. She doesn’t do this to anyone else. I’m the only one there who’s under the age of 30, so putting 2 and 2 together. She does it because I’m the youngest. I have had ago at her lots of times. And if this continues, I promise I’ll give her a right mouthful.

Ah, good ol’ fashioned patronising BS from the day job. Definitely been there and done that. Even been called out by another worker when I was starting to act like one of them, and that was when enough was enough.

I’m thankfully in a financial position where I can now walk out of my day job if I really wanted to, but instead of leaving outright, I reduced my hours. Before I was obsessed with going out of my way for the job, but now I go in with a more focused attitude and I dont sweat the small stuff. If someone else is dragging their heels then I dont carry them. Work-dos - they can shove’em. I go in for the money and leave it at the door when I knock off.

To cut a long story short, I followed articles by Steve Pavlina, books on Richard Branson and youtube channels like Infinite Waters. Some of it was out-of-date, bit lovey-dovey and even preposterous. But the majority of it made sense and its worked out well for me.


It’s just a micro management strategy to occupy you holistically and keep you struggling with petty stuff. So they can, with small rewards, take you far. It’s just a job, do yours & don’t worry over other’s people work, be professional - when you have time to think, have a good thought, try to stay calm, patient, humble, confident, fearless and ready for better opportunities.

WAR of ART (mini course)
pt. 1 - pt. 2 - pt. 3 - pt. 4 - pt. 5

I work for a non-profit that sponsors quite a few projects around the world. Initially I was hired to go to the projects, shoot video of what’s going on, then edit them into a TV show that acts as a commercial. For the past three years though, I’ve become the VFX supervisor of a four part documentary series we’re producing. I’ve had a lot of freedom to experiment and basically build our pipeline up from scratch. I’m an indie filmmaker at heart, so I use my day job as a chance to test ideas and workflows that I might want to implement on my personal projects. So we use Blender for everything CG and Natron for the compositing, not because they’re open source, but because they’re what I know (using Blender since 2001-2002, and learned Nuke for node based compositing)

i never had the chance to experience this ,because i dont have a job yet

Freelance bro