Where does the object go when parent ended?


scene = cont.owner.scene
addedPoint = scene.addObject('fireArrowPoint',cont.owner)

with this code I add a lamp/point to the scene and I set the parent to an object.

After a little while the parent will be ended with an end object actuator.

After the parent ended I don’t know what is happening to the lamp.

I don’t see the lamp anymore but I’m not sure if it is also ended or if it is moved to another location…


Is the lamp also ended? , or, is the lamp moved to another location (just like in not-realtime 3D view when you remove a parent)?

My intention is to end the lamp as well, so I’m curious if I have to do that, or if it automatically ended with its parent.

I’m curious to know because the lamps must end as well, otherwise I can expect some huge lag after a lot lamps spawned.

I hope you do understand my bit vague explanation.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: ohh, I notice that a lamp won’t be duplicated when you add it with addObject…
So I don’t have to be afraid of a huge amount of lamps in my scene without knowing it…
But still I’m curious to an answer to my question.

ah, thanks a lot.