Where is all this pink coming from?

Hope to get some help here, don’t like to post unless I really need it and… I need it. At my wits end.

I’m rending an animation in cycles, and all of a sudden my scene is awash in pink. My textures are fine, but the AO, lighting, atmophere, everything is pink. I can get an HDRI to display, but it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect. I’m guessing somewhere I have some missing path, but I can’t for the life of me even isolate where it is.

Any help is appreciated.

AO selected and HDRI connected. Pink!

No AO, HDRI connected. Pink.

HDRI disconnected, SUN lamp. These are the two light sources in the scene. Pink.

If you need any more info, happy to provide.

Alrighty, I fixed it. I’ll leave this up in-case anyone stumbles upon it (feel free to delete it though mods, of course).

I had a linked object from another scene. I had only linked the mesh (or so I thought) but deleting this object set the scene lighting back to normal.