Where is B-Mesh?

I’m new here, just wondering, is B-mesh currently in the latest version of Blender and is it something I need to activate or is it just on by default, in other words did it replace the old modeling system or is it an toggle option?

It replaced the old modeling system, more info can be found here:

The subtitles: If you have at least a version 2.63 of Blender, Bmeshes are available. You don’t need to activate them. (Some people would like to be able to deactivate them but that’s another story…)

To test: [SHIFT A] Add a plane, [W ]subdivide it. You see 4 faces. Select 2 faces side by side, [F] join them. You should see a rectangular face with 2 square faces connected on a side. That’s it.

There’s a lot of things going on under the hood with Bmeshes but, for Joe Blender, it simply means that you can have faces with more than 4 vertices.

Thanks, that makes things less mysterious.