Where is Char panel in 2.5 or how to input unicode characters

I can’t find this panel in Blender 2.5

I know there is Special characters menu in Text menu, but those characters are not enough. Would it be possible to add there some custom characters?

Char panel would still be best solution if I would be able to find it.

Does anyone have any other idea how to input unicode characters?

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards, Igor

+1, it’s an old post and nobody have the answer?:frowning:
in my case, i want write the € symbol and i can’t find it in the special menu.:confused:

+1, it’s an old post and nobody have the answer?

That’s because it doesn’t exist in 2.57. You could use something like inkscape and import the shape into blender.

As far as I know, the char panel isn’t back yet. What I did to get a euro character into Blender is:

  1. Make a text file with an euro character, charset UTF-8
  2. Open the file into Blender’s text editor
  3. In the text editor’s menu: Edit -> Text To 3D Object -> One Object
  4. To make the text show up in the 3D view, go to object data in the properties panel. In the font tab, under Regular, load a ttf font that supports unicode characters.


Voila :slight_smile:

Thanks Sanne - This one I could not solve my self.

But it’s silly thou - A text tool should mange input as… text.

Thanks a lot Sane
Saved the day !

This thread answered my hanging question about at least one way to edit a text object, but I’m wondering, is there some simpler way, after creating a text object from the Add menu to get rid of the default “Text”. Until I discovered I could generate an object from the Text Editor, I was rather lost, since adding the contents of a text file was appending my new text after the default text.

Hope this question isn’t too confusing.

ebbixx, do you mean just editing the text in the 3D view? If so, select it and hit tab to go into edit mode, and edit away. :slight_smile: