Where is Kupoman LOD located in official 2.69?

Hello everyone!

As per above, i’ve searched for quite a while but still failed to locate the LOD. Can anyone give me a pointer? Thanks!

The LoD isn’t in 2.69, but it should be in 2.70 (it will hopefully get merged to trunk soon).

That makes me a sad panda.

Keep up the good work sir Moogle

What a disappointment!

Anyway, better late than never. Slow but steady.

At least i’ve our core dev replying my post!:slight_smile:

Thank you, Moguri!

I was hoping for this as well…

@Moguri and Kupoman:
You know you’ve doing it right when the forums ask where your feature is in the build!
Great job.


Hrmm… is 2.7 out yet?

Nope, but is there a test build.