Where is my a - team ? 😁

Thanks for reading this.

I am searching for a complete team to make dreams come true.

You are all awesome in what you are doing - i love most of the references here. But please imagine to become part of something bigger than yourself ever can be.

I cant do anything by myself, even you cant do this.

So lets put our heads together.

I got the full vision of a complete open world game.

I designed like 50 weapons, 20 plants, a complete menu, animal characters and many game ideas in the last 2 months. I can draw anything in very less time by hand in 2d, now i am starting with blender to build the first things.

The team is now only safe my co producer and me.
My co is very good in blender but its way to much work.

We dont need people who are interested, we need people who are on fire like us.

If you got time and no need for direct pay please contact me now.

We cant pay now, you will recieve a lifetime percentage if the released game will give earnings.

If I get the best people together for a team, everything should be possible.

What i need:

  • Programmer c++

  • Unity / Unreal - we must check whats possible, please share your experience with me.

  • Sculpter, 3D Artist

  • Animator

  • Marketing / Promotion

What i do:

  • Studio Owner

  • Director

  • Recruit exactly you :wink:

  • Sounddesign

  • Main theme composing

  • Vocals

  • Game design

  • Gun, swords, shields and weapon design

  • Character, plants and animal design

Please dont ask about the Name of the Game, about Designs or Screenshots.

The game will be defintitly affected about our and your skills if you join the team.

Planned for the big Game:

  • 1st person shooter

  • online multiplayer

  • character manipulation

  • complete big open world with like lifetime actions and reactions

  • gunstore with many items to buy

  • many upgrades for players

  • specials like mini games

So if you are interested in joining a team with a nearly complete game idea, contact me now and tell me what you can do.

You are very welcome to join in.

Please let us talk on discord if you got an account there…

you find me there under :

joerg federmann composing#2898


I’m using Blender now for one year and would be interested helping you and having fun to realize some projects. I’m focused on doing modeling, texturing, compositing, creating assets and did some logo animations. Would be great to hear from you. Here’s a link to my latest project I was doing:

Steampunk Lamp

Steampunk Zeppelin


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need a music artist? I think I can help

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Hi. I’m interested in this project.
My Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/mfisher174
My Deviantart: https://michaelfisher174.deviantart.com/

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