Where is subdivide smooth in 2.8?

w no longer works, and right clicking brings up subdivide only, need subdivide smooth!

Subdivide Smooth = regular Subdivide with its Smoothness factor set to 1

You just have to open redo panel and set correct value of smoothness.
If you use it a lot, you can create a shortcut for mesh.subdivide operator with smoothness set to 1.


how do you open the redo panel?

To open this panel, just click on it.

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click on what?

little line at left bottom corner of 3D View > Subdivide

OK, thank you, got it to work, what used to be 2 clicks is now 4. Full steps:

  1. a to select all verts
  2. right click, choose subdivide
  3. another collapsed menu appears far away in the bottom left that says subdivide with a triangle
  4. click the triangle to uncollapse
  5. click in the smoothness field, change to 1.0
  6. click the triangle to collapse again

Read what I said in first post.
If you want, it can be one shortcut press.
Or, you can edit python UI script to set a subdivide smooth call in face context menu.

please give steps to make this one shortcut press.

You sound like you’re trying to prove a point. Some things are less direct than they were before, and it’s fine since we have this wonderful flexibility : adding a shortcut can be done a number of ways, just like with any other function in Blender. Either right click on it and set shortcut, or make it an entry of quick favorites, or add it to the interface (in a panel for example), a regular menu or a pie menu by editing the relevant python file.

Open User Preferences Window.
Go to Keymap tab.
Open 3DView > Mesh > Mesh (global)
At bottom of this list of shortcut, Press + Add New button.
Open none panel, newly created.
Replace none by mesh.subdivide
Then, set smoothness to 1
Indicate a shortcut.

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Now that’s a quality answer.

@Hadriscus, I’m not proving a point, I’m stating a fact. A common mesh shortcut that was 2 clicks is now 4.

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