Where is the bottleneck?

Apparently my GPU latency is really high. Apparently it also isn’t doing anything.

Anyone got any suggestions?


And the default cube:
It’s performing like it isn’t using the GPU. For reference: baking and rendering on the GPU work just fine.


Does this happen just with 2.77 or with older versions like 2.75? Did you update the drivers recently? Some settings in GeFore experience and the Nvidia control panel may have changed with the newer drivers. I’m still using 2.75 and I have no issues with the GeForce 680. Maybe the viewport optimizations in the latest version broke something?

I just got a new graphics card. I have had the GTX970 for a grand total of 2 days. It probably is something driver related.

Ah, it is something driver related. Apparently I had the nvidia drivers installed but was using mesa to provide openGL. Using the nvidia-libgl package fixed it. Well, it’s still higher than I’d like:

But at least now it’s workable (previously that game above was about 15fps)


once you are at 60 fps, I think the latency smooths out to match the frame rate*

if you don’t have enough going on to tax it*

Swapping buffers can fall under the GPU Latency category. This means time spent waiting for Vsync will show up under GPU Latency. I would disable Use Frame Rate as the BGE’s timing logic is pretty poor and can cause stuttering. This should move most/all of the Outside time to GPU Latency as Vsync is used to limit your frame rate instead. For benchmarking/profiling, you’ll want to disable the Use Frame Rate option and disable Vsync.