where is the camera? - animation


A client of me sent me a blender file of a logo.
I told him i would take look at it.
The model is already there, and it only needs a camera animation.

I never used blender before, i use cinema4d for all 3d animations.
I tried to open the file in cinema4d but that dindt work, so i gess ill will need to do it in blender.
Where can i find some tutorials about the camera in blender.
Where can i find the camera in blender(i looked and looked…)

Needs some help on this


If the file does not have a camera, you can add one with spacebar->add->camera. First I would see if its hidden of on another layer. Use Alt-H to unhide and ~ to show all layers.
Welcome to Blender. I suggest taking a look at the wiki, the manual, some tutorials, and the Noob to Pro wikibook.
See ya 'round,