Where is the central place to download modeling items?

Where is the central place to download modeling items?

Where is the single best place to download a wide range of CG-making resources?

There is no “Best” place. But Turbosquid, CG Textures and Blendswap all put together make a nice bundle :slight_smile:


thanks ill look them over when i get the chance and see which is the best, also can we pls put them somewhere on the blender site so nobody has to ask this question ever again, plus its very helpful to everyone^^

feel free to link more if anyone has any sites that may be better

3dmedieval is silly btw, i had asked the thread to be merged, and then i had to read 3d’s silly spammy remark :confused:

Why did you post in 2 places anyway? He isn’t the silly, one, if anyone it is you.

Also, in reply to the comment on the other thread, asking the community to change the official website is like telling an actor to perform his own plastic surgery :wink:

rm2dance, your posting behaviour has been suspicious, hence 3d’s comment. I’d already deleted one of your duplicate threads and just now looking back at your post history I’ve also deleted your very first post (the same question you have also just asked again) as it contained what could have been seen as a spam link


You might have recognised that in a forum “static” information is quickly hidden under newer information.

Better place place this information at wiki.blender.org.

Look for the resources section. I’m pretty sure there are such links already. If not - just add them and keep them updated.



… next time report your post if you want something managed by the moderators.
You can’t expect that read read each single thread. I just saw your post, because it was classified as possible spam.


Wow, that must have been quite a few different threads merged together in here. :smiley:

and to add something useful to this thread:
I suppose anyone could register on blender wiki and add such info
(eg. blendswap like sites) to the resources section there.

yes, i feel that the CG community really needs to create a wiki as a central source instead of all this scattering. i hope some people have the initiative to do so. good luck and best wish! bye~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Rm2dance