Where is the eyedropper tool in 2.91

Oke i spend 30 min looking for the eyedropper tool in texture painting in Blender 2.91

I googled and googled but found nothing

Does anyone know where the eyedropper tool in Blender 2.91 is?

You know the tool that you use to click on a color and get that color so i can paint whit it

See screenshots below - this is where I found it. Is this what you meant?

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…or, assuming default keymap:

  • you could hover over the color swatch (don’t click it) and press ‘e’ key, that enables the picker (works for other fields that support pickers as well)
  • texture paint mode has a shortcut ‘s’, which allows you to sample color directly from 3D view

Thank you good sir , you save me soo much head eggs

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For a while there I had a key combo that, if the Eyedropper were active, holding down the key and clicking would add the sampled color to the color palette, if one existed.

Sadly, I was unable to find it again. :cry:

I think S adds directly to palette.

Holding S plus clicking does. (There’s also a tip for that in the status bar when you hold S).

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Ah, oh my gosh! Thanks, was super confused about the whole “press/hold” thing for a while now :upside_down_face:

S+Clicking. --This is the first I’ve heard of “s”. :confused: --What I don’t understand is: why is there a separate “e” and “s” function? It seems like “s” by itself could do the job.

IMO it’s redundant and confusing. While “e” for eyedropper is mnemonic, “s” is generally more powerful. (“s”=“sampling”) An eyedropper icon added to the Palette section would make sense too.

‘e’ is just a shortcut for eyedropper on any relevant field (it actually existed even before an actual eyedropper icon in such fields appeared). S samples for a predefined field, and is specific to texture paint mode.