Where is the image used?

I have an image in the Blender that has been used in several places. I want to see where it is used? Where is texture manager in Blender?!

I know that it’s a complicated issue, since textures are not so easy to trace as materials are.

Every time you use one texture in a different node, it does not matter if it is in the same material or in the same object, it will count one more user.

Textures are connected to materials and not to objects. If you use a texture in a material, it doesn’t matter on how many objects you use the same material, that texture will count just one user, even the material showing 20 users or so.

On the other hand, To find where a texture is used you can go to your material editor and inspect all materials that should be using that particular texture. Then you can verify if there are unecessary duplicated texture nodes and clean them.

Apparently there’s no simple way to find users for most data.
If searching manually is not an option you can try scripting.

A bit messy but it might go something like this:

import bpy

## image in question
image = bpy.data.images['some_image_name']
## list of all materials that have nodes
mats = [m for m in bpy.data.materials if m.use_nodes]

print("Users: ") ## print results can be seen in System Console
for m in mats:
    for n in list(m.node_tree.nodes):
        ## if node type is Image Texture AND it has our data
        if n.type == 'TEX_IMAGE' and n.image == image:
            print("".join((m.name,' - ', n.name))) ## print material and node names

That’s only for Materials though. Images can also be found (and contribute to count) in Compositor and Textures