Where is the "samples" option for Mblur?!

There’s only a BF: setting which doesn’t appear to do anything.

EDIT: Why the hell can it only be set with OSA settings? Then you can’t have more MBlur samples without more OSA samles? That’s really stupid, and they shouldn’t be fixed numbers, but a slider or something, and of course seperate ones.


The BF setting does do something. It performs the same function as BlurFac does for Vector Blur.

You don’t need to use OSA with MBlur. It makes more sense to deselect OSA when using MBlur because the camera position is jittered for every MBlur sample, leading to oversampling on all stationary objects.

I don’t know why only fixed values are accepted for OSA and MBlur. It may have something to do with the oversampling techniques/jitter patterns used.

It really doesn’t make sense to have to use the OSA sample value for the Mblur sample value. How is someone new to blender going to guess that? And you can’t have different values for both then. In what I’m trying to do, I do need OSA as well as Mblur, but more Mblur than OSA. Specifically, if you’ve seen that Painting with polygons thread in News & discussion, that’s what.

Motion Blur, like most things Blender, was likely coded by someone who needed a particular effect that Blender didn’t provide at that time.

Rather than calling something that you didn’t have to pay for “stupid” you always have the option of joining into the fray, coding it the way you personally like it, patching your build, and submitting the patch for inclusion in a future build (so that we all can have the benefit of complaining about your work like you’re complaining about someone else’s).

If you don’t know how to code and aren’t willing to learn then you are: A.) going to have beg someone who does know how to code to do the work for you ((not likely to happen if it’s not in popular demand…you can request editing rights for the Blender wiki from LetterRip and upon receiving them you can then update the feature requests section)); B.) going to have to pay someone to do it for you ((again, not likely as you’re already complaining about “stupid” freeware)); or, C.) you’re stuck until someone who can code the feature needs it for their own personal task and decides to tackle the job.

From the wiki: “Bf: or Blur Factor defines the length of the shutter time as will be shown in the example below.” See:


You can’t pin the blame on me because I can’t program in C or python, I’m just pointing out how odd it is that you have to use the OSA settings to tell a totally different feature what to do. This means, the more motion blur samples, the longer each blur piece will take to render because the OSA samples will also be increased.

Notice the tooltip for the samples says “samples per pixels” and doesn’t necessarily mention that it only applies to OSA, altough the interface layout suggests it. Nevertheless, I don’t think it is necessary to be able to code to point out bad design. You only have to be able to code to change it yourself or you will have to learn to live with it. Or, even better, there are some devs who care if others benefit from their work and are open to constructive criticism and they change it. Gladly there are lots of those in Blender development.

As the uncooked pigeon tried to tell you, OSA and motion blur are two completely different and independent things. Read the wiki link that Rambo gave you, please, and stop swearing. Thank you.