where is the script window in 2.5

i was making a tree in 2.49b but when i installed 2.5 the script window is not there and i cant fined anything to so with scripts anywhere! where can i fine the curve to tree script for blender 2.5?

go to top header and first button with word default

select in this the script and you’ll get it


To load a python script open it in a text window. There is a button on the header thet says “Run Script”
Preloaded scripts are now accessed from the User Preferences / Add-Ons window. Select the script and press Enable. You need the most recent builds to show this and the latest addons. Note that not all old scripts have yet been updated for 2.5


how do i run the curve 2 tree script?

Is it in the addons section of user preferences or says it has been updated for the version of 2.5 you have. If both of these are No, and you don’t have a good knowledge of python and the new APIs, it won’t work and you’ll have to stick with 2.49 until someone updates it.