Where is the SHADERTOOLS for Blender 2.65a official, please?

The release 0.99 for Blender 2.60 don’t run with Blender 2.65a!!
Who work on this very good add-on now? I can not find anything else about!!!
Thanks for your reply, Man!

All material librarys are kaput for Blender Internal, shame. I liked Shadertools previews.

how did this addon work exactly?

It was a very excellent materials library but don’t run with 2.65a???

there’s a material lib addon (WIP) in svn, bf-extensions contrib - maybe that’s useful for you

Excuse me CoDEmanX,

I havn’t saw your reply: great thanks!
Yes I know it but I love the shadertools for his look!
So sad now…