Where is the views menu under view layer in blender 2.8?

and why stereoscopy frustum display not function in blender 2.8? is this a bug?

2.8 isn’t even in beta yet. You should expect a lot of things to not work properly.

know that its pre-beta, I just want to try eevzz and stereo, anywhere to check out a fresh source code version for 2.8, I maybe able to look into this once I have the code.

You have to unable Stereoscopy panel under Render tab in 2.8.

Stereoscopy panel in N column does not work. Its options to see cameras, 3d convergence plane and volume should move to overlays of 3DView or camera properties.

But preview is working in camera view and EEVEE is able to make a stereoscopic 3d render.

You have to use git in order to download the source code.

I’m not a developer so I don’t know git well enough to explain how, but you can use a git command to download the 2.8 branch. Atm 2.8 isn’t the master branch.

If you want to just look at the source code, you can here.


If you want to download it, you have to use git.

Would you please explain “unable Stereoscopy panel” under Render tab? I need to see the convergence plane in the viewport and make adjustments. Kind of like strange when I change the convergence plane distance values in the camera menu and nothing changes, this won’t happen in blender 2.79.

Thanks & now I cloned the code for 2.8 and build it, it makes no surprise and no difference with the official build version , that the stereoscopy menu / off-axis distance not working and frustum not viewable, hope I can figure out why.

Sorry for the typing error. I wanted to write “Enable Stereoscopy panel”.

You are right. I just verified if pressing F12 is providing an individual or Stereo 3D format.
I did not check that settings that are not working.