Where is UV Local View?

I thought there was an option to only show the UVs that are assigned to the current image (where you have many overlapping UVs on different materials on the same object) ?

Does anyone know where it can be found or was it removed?

How would it know which to display? Do you mean ALL the UVs that are using a given image? Or the UVs associated with the current Material?

If you mean the old face-assigned textures, then I think that’s been removed. Nowadays you could substitute that with tiling (UDIMs).

The old face-assigned textures feature was a Blender Internal feature.
With BI removal, feature was removed. As a consequence UV Local View was still present in UI of 2.80,2.81 and 2.82 but not functional, crashing Blender.

It was removed in 2.83.

It used to work with image assignment

Ah, thanks. The UI option still being there in 2.8 confused me.

Now I guess the correct method of editing overlapping UVs is quite convoluted:

  1. Disable UV Sync Selection
  2. Select Similar > Material
  3. Disable Show Overlays (or turn off Highlight Selected Faces option)