Where should a newbie start?

(Escher0) #1

Hi, I’m a complete newb when it comes to 3d modeling but I’d really like to learn how to do at least basic stuff. My question is where should I start? Are there any good tutorials or manuals that can get me started? Thanks for your help.

(BgDM) #2

Hey Escher0! Welcome to the wonderful world of Blender.

I beleive that ou can still order the manual online at Chapters, Amazon, etc. Do a search there for the Blender 2.0 Guide.

As far as tutes go, go here -> http://green.dyndns.org/links.htm

That is pretty much all of the tutes that were ever done. Should help you a lot.

Hope to see some work here shortly!


([email protected]) #3

Hi Escher0,

Welcome to blender :smiley:

here`s a file i made awhile back to help get the new people started:


unzip it to your desk top and drag it to the blender icon.

hope this helps!


(Escher0) #4

thank you, i’ll be sure to check out both your suggestions