Where to download Rayman 2 songs?

I am a great fan of Rayman music(by Eric Chevalier)
But i can’t find songs of it

Please help me and others who want these songs

do you have the actual CD?

I think I might have a couple (might have deleted them tho.)

EDIT: I only have 1 which is the main menu music.

I wont give them to you unless you have the CD as it could be Warez

I have the Rayman 2 cd and the Rayman 3 cd
on the Rayman 2 cd are a few songs but they are in an .amp format that can’t be played
Rayman 3 is an cd that has the songs in a pack

I recommend ripping them with Exact Audio Copy. Do a Google search on it. Best CD ripper ever.

nope that program does take the whole cd in 1 track
rayman 2 cd=1track
rayman 3 cd 2=1track

Say what? :o

i don’t know how to say it but this is …


i hope you guys still want to help me with finding some rayman songs
i will advise this topic to rayman fans when i have results
this is going to be my rayman fansite: www.freewebtown.com/rayman
i also want to make a rebuild of rayman in blender
but that’s not WIP yet
i’m now busy with Microphone

i’m now busy with Microphone

don’t use that to record Rayman music, I will help you out with some stuff, as I am quite the Rayman fan, and I had a little fan website before with a model (back in the day) made in Wings3d

I’ve been looking for the exact same thing yesterday o.O

funny; I really liked the music to rayman 2 as well (back in the day), but I accidentaly broke the cd. You can actually listen to low quality snippets of the composer’s music on his website, but they are insufficient.

Please, I would love to have that music back; someone help!

eac can rip to multiple tracks. it has very powerful track detection abilities. give it a try.


Best cdripper ever. </CBG>

i have some songs of rayman 2 but not all of them
they are about to be uploaded all of them to my fansite

did you get the one I pmed to you?

it’s good quality just like the others i have now:
Intro(Main Menu song)
Woods of Light
Marshes of Awakening
Water and Ice
Iron Mountains
Flight(Prison Ship Level on flying shell)
Boss(Last Level)

All songs MP3

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what :frowning:

It’s a code. They’re talking about your mom behind your back.

hey! You’ve got madder by Groove Armada, Ive been looking for that for ages

it’s downloadable from my site now
i’m still uploading more